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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Just what the doctor ordered!

We just returned from a wonderful trip to Pensacola Beach Florida.  Nature all around us and soaking up lots of vitamin D.   Love the wind in my hair and sand in my toes.

This was our fourth year and the weather was at it's best.  I even got into the gulf water for the first time.

We were there for the Mardi Gras parade as well.  Much different than the stories you hear about New Orleans.  Family oriented and tons of fun.

              Our condo had such beautiful views all around of both, the Bay and the Gulf.

While there, Somerset Apprentice was released.  It was so fun going into Pensacola's Barnes and Noble and purchasing a copy and seeing how beautifully my article was featured within it's pages.

                                               So thrilled and grateful for this opportunity.

                   There are more new things on the horizon and cannot wait to share them with you.   
                                    Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share with you.
                                      The year has just begun and I am feeling very "Blessed".

Until next time,
Sending lots of love
Ursula xo