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Monday, July 25, 2016

"Every Flower is a Soul Blossoming in Nature"

This collage piece was inspired by an open painting day at the studio where I will begin teaching in August.

Many of the students have been working with collage so I decided to create a fun piece on  a sheet of 9x12 watercolor paper.  

My little box of mixed media collage pieces is brimming full of images and torn pieces of my own art.  I like saving little snippets of past work as well as vintage book and journal pages.  Even making colored copies of some to use and tear at a later date.

Simply begin by sketching out  your design.

Cut, tear and apply pieces of collage to some, not all of
the design.  Leaving some blank and some raised with the collage image.  Giving the piece texture and interest.  

        Using American Decou-Page, Antique Medium to apply.

             Add washes to the background with fluid acrylics and allow drips and colors to run.  *Keep a spray bottle of water near by to help.

Begin adding color to the design.  Stipple in centers of flowers with golden tones.  Add pinks, white, yellow and purples to the flowers.  Love how the various shapes bring on more of an abstract appearance.  Keep layering colors until you are satisfied.  Working wet on wet. You can even see my signature in one of the  flower pedals.

                                         Spatter, define and brighten. 

A fun and easy project to enjoy on a hot or rainy summer day.  This could even be done with your kids or have a floral painting party.  Each blossoming in their own way.

Have fun creating your own collage and garden of flowers.

See you soon!


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