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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It seems that stealing moments of studio time has become the new norm lately.  

It is important to find the time to do what you feel passionate about.  Sometimes life just gets a little too busy.  I have recently joined a group of other artists on Facebook, painting 100 projects in 100 days.  This does give me a little countability and I have tried to do a little something each day.  

During these 100 days, I have decided to experiment with new techniques and use one of my vintage journals for more in depth pieces.  Exploring new methods and techniques along this 100 day journey of discovery.

The work doesn't always have to be involved.  A simple watercolor, journal entry or playing with backgrounds.  A little art therapy each day, even on scraps of watercolor paper.  Just to touch base, explore and try new things.  

                                   We lose ourselves in things we love.  We find ourselves there too.

Find time to do what you love, even if it is only a few minutes a day.


Monday, April 4, 2016

DecoArt Media Mystery Box Challenge.  Mother's Day Bangles.....

A fun project and gift idea for any mom this Mother's Day.  Turn simple wooden bangles into a piece of art with these simple steps and supplies.  Creating impressionistic  flowers with doilies and DecoArt fluid acrylics and mediums.    
First gesso bangles with DecoArt Media black and white gesso.  Gather papers, doilies and Americana Decou-Page in Matte. 
I used both red and white doilies along with foil candy wrappers for the larger bangle. Tearing pieces of the edge of each doily.  Then apply the Decou-Page to each piece, crinkle and apply to and around outside of bangle to create a floral like shape and dimension.
Covering the entire smaller bangle with the foil.  Adding a smaller amount of foil to the larger bangle.

Prepare the palette and begin painting the doily areas, creating floral colors and shapes as you move around the bangle.
DecoArt Media Fluid acrylics:  Primary Yellow, Naphthol Red, Primary Magenta, Titanium White, Yellow Green Light, Sap Green, Primary Blue, Dioxazine Purple,Vermillion, Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold, Metallic Gold and Paynes Grey.
These are applied in no particular order.
Generously apply paint to each floral shape that was created with your doily.  Add Green tones in between floral shapes and keep foil areas clear of color.  Continue to work around the large bangle, adding more color where necessary.  When satisfied, add white strokes and highlights to emphasize the floral pedals.  See first photo for floral shapes and ideas. Add dark centers where necessary.  These are impressionistic flowers, so it does not have to be exact.  Just enjoy the process and have fun with it.

I added a little more texture and a glossy finish with DecoArt Media Liquid glass/Clear.  This not only gives the flowers dimension, but a creates a glass affect.  Dot Liquid glass in centers and between flowers if desired.
As if we haven't used enough product,  I added modeling paste to the smaller bangle.  I wanted it to compliment the larger, but did not want them to be identical.  Using a palette knife, apply Modeling paste florets around the outer side of the bangle.  Adding color along the way.  

Brush on mixture of Sap Green and Yellow Green Light leaves around flowers.  Dab on various colors of the palette to create background flowers and a Monet appearance.  Allow as much foil peaking through as you wish.  There is no right and wrong here, just play, add colors, dots, Liquid glass and enjoy the process!

Adding a little more gold to the mix is just what is needed to finish the project.  Add dots and strokes of Metallic Gold to finish off the design.

Spray with clear Americana sealer.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  
I would love to see what you create!