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Monday, February 29, 2016

February has come and gone and a new month is on the horizon.

I have missed spending time in my studio over the last month.  Life takes over at times and our year has not been as kind thus far.  
My husband's 97 year old mother passed away at the end of January.  She has been in nursing care for the last few years, struggling  with dementia.  This is always so difficult to see with someone that was so involved in life.  Doing crossword puzzles and reading more books in a week than most of us.

We just returned to my husband's home town of Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a memorial and celebration of her life.  Due to many unforeseen circumstances in my sister n law's life, we had to postpone the memorial until this past weekend.

Shortly after we heard of her passing, my 93 year old mother took a nasty fall and ended up in the hospital and in a nursing care facility.   Not going into detail, but things got worse after her hospitalization.  To make a long story short, we have just recently moved her into a assisted living facility.  This decision was very hard and not made lightly.

During that time, my husband and I decided to take our annual trip to Florida with the encouragement of family.  A nice time of rest and relaxation while my sister was here to take over care and support for our mother.  I have been her care giver and will continue as such as she adjusts to her new home, friends and new way of life.

We have spent many nights in motels along our journey this last month.  Coming home and sleeping in my own bed felt wonderful and luxurious. 

There is no place like home!!! 

Now our new journey begins, a new normal.  Looking forward to March, spring,studio time and new possibilities.

But the Lord stood at my side and gave me strength.  II Timothy 4:17.

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The beautiful affair of sun, sky and sea brings a perfect moment of love, peace and joy.  Umar Sidiqui

    Sometimes a taste of beach life is all you need to renew your spirit until you can return again.

  In the midst of many challenges, we decided to take our yearly trip to Pensacola Beach, Florida.  This would be our third year and in spite of everything, we continued our plans and headed south. 

                                                   Leaving our footprints on the sand.

A week of shopping, shelling, beach walks, sunsets, great food, relaxing and sharing uninterrupted time together.  Shells were not as plentiful as they have been in the past.  But, we did manage to find a few and as always, finding pennies in the sand.  Not as plentiful and never found a whole sand dollar.  I told my husband we couldn't leave until I found one.  I had to settle for less than whole, but it has beautiful markings which inspired my attempt at a poem.

They were merely sea shells on the white sand;
All sizes, shapes, textures and color.

Some were broken with jagged edges and cracks.
Collecting only those that were whole, colorful and smooth.

Were not the discarded once beautiful before the rough waters
carried them and placed them on the beach?

They too are unique and lovely in their irregularity.

Much love,
until next time...Ursula

Friday, February 5, 2016

                               Just want to wish you all a happy February!