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Friday, January 8, 2016

In a previous post, we talked about our word for the new year.

Along with our word for the year, I realized that I also need to make some goals to achieve what I envision.  Write them down and revisit them half way through the year and again at the year's end.

At times some of these goals seem unrealistic or out of reach, but I will list them any way.  Listen to what and where God is leading.  My mind is so busy at times, that it is often difficult to just sit and listen to God's voice.  Finding the quiet is a gift and a discipline that I am still trying to achieve. 
My favorite place to find the quiet is in my studio.  There is something spiritual about creating art in the quiet when no one else is around.  I get lost in the moment and it is there that I find my peace.  
I hope to spend more quality time in my Wildwood Studio, as I call it.  Creating not only a space for art, but for listening to the stillness.  I think it is important to create a quiet space for ourselves.  Be it a little reading nook, an outdoor space, studio or somewhere we can be still.

Some of my goals are already in motion.  Just small things, but things that need attention to reach the larger goals.  Writing them down gives me accountability, making them more tangible.

I have been painting a series of "Tiny faces" on a bundle of chip boards I bought at an estate sale.  These are fun little practice pieces using collage, oils and acrylics.  Trying to do at least one or two a week.  Great warm up exercises and my goal is complete all twenty of them.

                                                                    5x7 and 4x6

I have a class coming up on line @www. -It's all about the Face.  Putting the pieces together. Teaching the basics of painting a face with acrylics.  Class opens January 18, 2016.  

                                Why not make this one of your goals and join me in class.  

Finding your quiet in little things.  Making time for what makes you happy.  Take a moment and breathe in all God has for us. 

Let's reach our goals together.
See you soon.
Ursula xo

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