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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Have you ever taken an online class? 

Doing so allows you to see and do things that are slightly or completely out of your comfort zone.
My return to painting began with Youtube videos that led me to artists teaching on line.  That was two years ago and I have met so many beautiful artists, a great support team and new friends by doing so.

It isn't always easy for me to get away and take a class out of town and we do not have much to offer here in Springfield. So, the on line classes have been a great resource for me.

Each on line class, simple, challenging or just for fun, has taught me something.  

My recent on line workshop is a drawing class taught by the very talented Gillian Lee Smith, Drawn to Expression.  The above study was the most recent in the four week study.  Probably my favorite so far, using ink, a brush, gesso, reed pen on watercolor paper.  First time using a handmade reed pen I made from a bamboo stem.  Love how you can use the pointed tip or make line wider by using the entire tip.

A great study, going back to the root of just drawing, letting go and drawing expressively.  Working larger than I usually do and enjoying the use of my entire body, not just my hands as I draw.

We have two more weeks of study before the class is finished.  But like some, it is available for life and I can revisit it any time I wish.  In my jammies, at home, late at night, whenever the spirit moves.

So, just a word of encouragement, if you are on the fence about taking an online class, or at all hesitant, I highly recommend it.  I have signed up for two more that begin in January.  (Actually, I won a spot in one.)  Woo hoo!

Here is a link of a few classes I am teaching on www.

Coming in January:  "It's All About the Face."  Putting the pieces together..............

Happy Painting!  
Ursula xo

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