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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

We have had a mild winter so far.  Some chilling days, but no snow to speak of and a few days of sunshine.  Quite different than our last Missouri winter.
The sun has only been out a few times, making it seem just a little dreary.

Winter is a time to catch up on reading, putting away the last of the Christmas items, studio time and watching movies.  I like to leave a few of the wintery things out for a while and still have pine cones sitting in a bowl.  
My husband and I have had fun claiming Saturday nights as movie night and caching up on movies from this past year.

We have had a few mild days of late, reaching 60.  I have to chuckle when I see people out in their shorts and flip flops while I am still wearing my scarf and boots.  Knowing those days are short lived and the air is still not quite warm enough.

Days are beginning to shorten and it does give us hope of spring and warmer days. 
I have visions of walking on this beach again real soon.  Going out in the early morning hours, alone and enjoying God's handiwork.  Spending time with Him and soaking up the sun and His blessings.  

Last year was our first, joining other snow birds along the gulf shores of Florida.

My excitement began as I walked along the sand each day.  Never knowing what the wind and water would deposit on the beach.  Even the sand formations were different each day.  Creating all these wonderful textures and designs, giving me tons of inspiration.  These textures would be great for a mixed media project.

In the mean time, I will be painting and teaching in my home studio.

If you always wanted to take an on line class, winter is the time to do it.  Join me on and paint a fun project along with me. Forget about the cold and grab a warm cup of hot chocolate!
In the meantime, think warm thoughts.

Hope to see you in class!

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