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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bits and Pieces

Our fall weather has been unbelievable.  Always a favorite time of the year. Warm days and cool nights.  Time to put away my flip flops and bring out my closed toe shoes and boots.  Leggings, jeans, scarves and sweaters are fun to wear, but coat weather is on the horizon and not one of my favorite accessories to wear. 
Love the different textures she has put together here.  An outfit I would feel comfortable and fashionable wearing. 

We have had a bumper crop of walnuts this year.  Living on a wooded lot with so many trees brings it's challenges.

 This is just a fraction of what we have picked up so far.  They drop all around you as you are picking them up.  Walking across the lawn or driving up the drive way is a challenge as well.  The UPS driver drove up yesterday and ran over dozens of them, sounding like multiple gun shots.  No one can sneak up on us.

Fall is not only a time to change your wardrobe, clean up the yard, plant bulbs, but also for moving indoors and decorating or redecorating your home.

This is a home that I have almost completed for a client.  A very fun project and a great person to work with.  Not only was it fun to work with her and her lovely home, we have become good friends in the process.  Each piece here was purchased at a different location and the table opens up to seat 6-8. We took one day and drove 70 miles to shop and found these great iron lamps among many other things. 
She loved the text print fabric, but we decided to keep it at a minimum and just do the cushions and some throw pillows for the sofa.  This way, there is not too much of the fabric and easy to change down the road.
All the upholstery pieces were custom ordered. 
The kitchen table and chairs are custom made and love the distressed look and the contrast of the maple table and dark walnut stain of the chairs.  Both show the wood grain through the finish.  A little rustic, but more refined.
Fun little touches were added here and there.  Creating interest, texture and warmth to the space.  The distressed candle stand can be changed out with the seasons.  A pumpkin now and a Santa for Christmas.

They purchased the existing coffee table and leather pieces from the previous owner.  We recovered an existing recliner, added the fuzzy textured rug, some end tables and fireplace accessories.  The next step is on it's way.  Custom shelving will be added behind the sofa for family pictures and a few more accessories.

The house is still a work in progress.  We searched high and low for many of the items to fit into their proper places.  We added texture and interesting elements where we could.  The bedroom and master bath are very pretty as well. 
Each time I work on a home, it pushes me to add or change something in my own space.
Fall, a time of change, gorgeous weather and finding inspiration.  Be it in clothing, working outdoors or decorating.  Where will you find yours!

See you soon,
Happy Fall!!

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