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Monday, January 27, 2014

New every morning

We began our new year a road trip to Pensacola Beach Florida.  I took my sketch book and happily sketched along the way, through Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi and on to Florida. It was our first road trip together in many years.
We joined my cousin and her husband in Pensacola where they rented a beach house right along the beach.  
I loved my daily walks along the beach and discovered something new every day.  Some times going alone and other times with the group or just the girls.
We took our buckets with us each time in hopes of finding new shells to add to our collection. Each day seemed to be a new discovery.  Sand formations, waves, birds, new shells, prints in the sand, sandcastles left behind, sun rises and sunsets.
It reminded me of the song of God's mercies being new every morning.
We are home now and I need to remember this even though I don't see the physical changes outside on this cold Missouri morning. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

A New Year and endless possibilities

The excitement of a new year is upon all of us.  A time to renew and make changes in our schedules, habits, work, and so on.  
I have started a new adventure for this year and it involves teaching a fine art class at Michaels. I took the necessary steps to become a certified, Grumbacher instructor.  Another learning experience and I suspect well worth the effort.  
Each step we take in life leads us to our next, sometimes taking baby steps.  But, we ultimately achieve our goal.  Not always right away, but the effort is well worth the time.  My journey in art began many years ago and I have now returned to my passion.  I started an art journal at the beginning of last year, not really knowing how it would evolve and what I would learn from creating this type of journal.  The process was life changing and brought me to experiment and learn from myself and learn from other artists.  As I look back at the beginning of the journal, I can see each entry as a step to find the artist that lay dormant for many years.  
Wishing that the new year brings you closer to your hopes and dreams.  Baby steps!