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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Celebrate the dreams, the searches, and the treasures of your life.

                 A quote from a wonderful little book titled: 

                Live What you Love, notes from an unusual life by Bob and Melinda Blanchard 
                                       who live in Anguilla, BVI and own a local restaurant.

We just returned from a memorial trip to the British Virgin Islands, where my sister and her husband live.  In Tortola.  We stayed across the way on a small island that they own, Marina Cay.  Our son, brother and sister-n-law were along with us.  Each day was a treasure.  Whether it be sunning on the beach, watching the sail boats come in, listening to the waves lap upon the shore, snorkeling, swimming, breakfast in the open restaurant, or just filling our lungs with the fresh sea air.

                               Spring Regatta view from the back of our little 9 acre island.

One of my favorite memories is swimming with the dolphins.  Something I always wanted to do, but never really thought I would.  Here are a couple great shots of me and my Dolphin friend, Polo.  He is twenty eight and the oldest dolphin in the park.  Each one of them were born in captivity, they were not taken out of the wild.
I love this quote from the book and seems to be very fitting here.  "Have the courage to let your life           and stories and experiences be both odd and wonderful."

Love this shot of our walk down the path to the beach.  If you look closely, you can see the little family sitting under the tiki hut.  Our favorite place to hang out each day.

                                       "May you be blessed with an unusual life"  

Thanks for joining me on my little journey. 

Until next time, 

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  1. Oh wow - loved reading this Ursula. So glad you all had such a special time and that you got to swim with the Dolphins too. YEAH!! Xj.