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Monday, July 11, 2016

Unexpected things await us this week.

Just like the unexpected flower that seems to pop up over night.  This is the first year that my Rose of Sharon is in full bloom.  We have had our share of rain and unlike some to the other flowers in my yard and garden, it flourished.  Others wilted and  have decided not to bloom for a while.

Taking advantage of my property and the beautiful landscape this morning.  It was a perfect morning for a little walk in the woods.  Being present in the moment, enjoying the gentle sounds of nature.

Something I need to do more often.  It is so easy to just start the day and get busy with things.  

I so enjoy the daily message from Ann Voskamp that I receive on Facebook.  Her thoughts for today were to look for the new things as the new week begins.  Unexpected things!  "We need to be present to the grace of this moment."  What beautiful words to live by, not just today, but every day.

      I love how the sunlight peaks through the trees and the beautiful melody of the birds I heard.  A peaceful and beautiful start to a new week.  

See you soon.


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