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Friday, May 13, 2016

                             What is intuitive Painting?  

I have heard it to be a spiritual and creative practice.   To listen and know when it is speaking to you.
Freeing your
 creative self so to speak.  Letting go of pre-conceived ideas as to how your art should be.
A way of letting go of comparison, perfectionism and approval.  The courage to explore and experiment.  Taking some creative risks along the way.

I did have a plan for this canvas board before I began to paint.  I had images of flowers, vases, and chairs available for inspiration.  I began with the background, painting loosely and freely.   Not worrying about the outcome.  It was only the background!  When I stepped back from the first step, I saw a face emerge.  I really didn't think I wanted to paint another face.  But then, I began to sketch it in.
So, I went along with it.  Not having an image to choose from,  I began to block her in and added a few more elements to the background to make it more interesting.

It went through many stages, some ugly, some jut not right. Applying the lips at least five different times!  But, I kept moving the brush, taking off what didn't work and adding new.  Trying to make what seemed to be unconscious conscious.  Opening myself up and beginning to enjoy the process. 
I did add some flowers as you can see.  But, the painting isn't about flowers, it is about " A Strength Within"  The perfect name for the painting, thanks to Ulaunda, a Facebook friend.

I trusted myself, went with the flow, enjoyed the process and let go.

Staying true to who you are.  Making a commitment and taking responsibility for the outcome.

To become the you that you were always meant to be.

Experiment, enjoy the process, don't give up and make your heart happy.

Enjoy the process no matter what the outcome.  It's all yours!


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  1. Ohhhhhh she is breathtaking Ursula. I just adore your paintings. Loved the part about the lips. Your words today really gave me courage - thank you. I have been working on a little 'watercolor' birdie experiment!! I need to remember... enjoy the process (I have) no matter what the outcome.... that's the hard part!!! My birdie just doesn't fly yet when I look at him!!!! But no matter what the outcome - it was fun! Xj.