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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sometimes the challenge is just in knowing where to begin.

Looking at that blank canvas or watercolor paper can be intimidating.  
So, I first gather together supplies and add more as I go along and develop the painting.  I was inspired by some art I saw on the internet and wanted to create that same freedom on my own page.  
Using a piece of cold press watercolor paper, Americana and DecoArt Personally Yours stencils and DecoArt fluid acrylic paints, I began......

Apply DecoArt Gesso before adding any paint to the background.  Once the gesso is dry, wash in the soft colors of Primary Magenta, Patina Green and Primary Yellow.  Spray with clear water to diffuse the color and softness.  Stabilo pencils are my go to for mark making.  Using both black and brown. Adding the vines, flowers and connecting them together.  Giving your piece a personal touch and I love the freedom it allows while creating a piece.
 Spraying with water and apply spatters of Carbon Black, followed by heavy Titanium White applied with a palette knife.
 I used the rose stencil to accentuate my flowers.

Apply thick Titanium White petal flowers throughout.  Now is the time to add more color and deeper colors where needed.
Spray with clear water as you add more color and the white flowers.   
The background is now ready to add a design.  I chose to add a face and washed the image in with Titan Buff.  Adding a few collage pieces and a Titanium White butterfly stencil.  Any image can be added to this background.  A simple saying could be placed into the center.

I chose to add these words to the side; "Let the morning time drop all its petals on me."

Happy Creating!

Ursula  xo


  1. Completely stunning background. I so love your artwork Ursula. The way you blend your colors and the textures you create in the blending.... just sooo beautiful. You are so right - this is perfect for any additions in the center. So inspiring! XXj.

    1. Thank you Joi and welcome to the Deco Art Media team!

  2. Wow Ursula this is an amazing work of art, just love this style and the steps you took to achieve it. Fabulous xxx