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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Don't you just love the change of season....Fall is such a beautiful time of the year.  
Love the crisp morning air, the falling and color of the leaves; all the activities that accompany the season.  And, did you see the super moon and eclipse a couple nights ago.  Wow!
Decorating with pumpkins and pinecones.  Baking apple crisp in my slow cooker.  The aroma permeates the air for hours!
It is also a time to re-group, organize the closet, put away all the summer furniture and memories.
Cleaning out drawers and organizing my studio for new ideas and designs are among my list of fall clean up.  It always feels so good to throw out the old and welcome in all the new projects and ideas.
A new on line class is on the horizon.  In the past I have shared my journey of Ledger girls with you.  So, I thought it only fitting to add one to a workshop.  

She is a fifties girl painted on a canvas board, using acrylics, stenciling and developing a face.  
Class opens up on October 12.
Playing Dress Up II
Step by step instructions, pattern included and at your own pace.  Special price of $15.00/ fall special......  Eight videos.

Funny story, while filming my canvas fell off the easel.  So, if you are watching the video and you think, what??!!  It quickly reappears.  These are live, so you never know what will happen. Plus, I am still learning the ins and outs of filming my classes.
Hope you join me.
My first on line class with the same network was in February of this year.  Playing Dress UP

            This class is still available if you are interested.

                                      Please join me for fun and  Let's Play Dress Up!

Happy Fall!

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