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Monday, August 31, 2015

Every Adventure Requires a First Step

We just returned from a four day adventure to San Antonio, Texas, the river Walk.   A much needed vacation for me and my husband.   
We walked miles each day to see the sights, sounds and the people.  A very interesting area with lots of history, good food, drinks and colorful people.  The above photo is the amphitheater, taken from the other side of the river.  Our hotel over looked the river and I enjoyed visiting the ducks and geese each morning.  August weather in Texas can be quite toasty and it was.  High nineties to 100 degrees each day.  Luckily, the heat doesn't bother either one of us.  My favorites were the Briscoe Western art museum and LaVillita village.  The little village was the home of a small museum and a row of artists shops and cafes.
Resting along the way, right outside of the art museum.  Love the little gift shop inside the art museum.    There I found some wonderful Frida Kahlo inspired stickers, sayings and cards.
After my return home, I wanted to add my thoughts and Frida inspiration into my vintage ledger journal.
This is cut out from a brochure of the art village.  I decided to transfer the image to my journal page.  First, using gesso and allowing it to dry.  Take the image and add DecoArt Matte Medium to the image and the journal page where it will be transferred.  Using a flat tool,  secure image to area and make sure all the bubbles are gone by pressing down.  Allow to dry.  Then, using water and your fingers, gently wipe away the top layer and your image should appear.  
I then decided to try Americana Decor Chalky Finish (Primitive) paint to the remainder of the two pages to cover up more of the writing underneath.  Using washes of color, charcoal and a pen to add text, I added my Friday Kahlo portrait.  
"I leave you my portrait so that you will have my presence all the days and nights that I am away from you."  Frida Kahlo
This will remain in my journal and always remind me of the great time and memories that were made.
Amor, Ursula

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