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Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring is Here!!  It has arrived and the sun will come out!

It seems that winter arrived late here in the Midwest and seems to be hanging on. They do predict a nice sunny weekend and I and so many others are ready for it.

Spring is such a beautiful time, full with freshness all around.  The smell, the sounds, the colors and a new wardrobe.  I am so ready to ditch the boots, scarves, gloves, coats and the leggings I wore all winter!  Ick!  

I have been busy in the studio creating new spring projects.  Filling the pages of my journal and my easel with images of birds and flowers.

It's too early to plant flowers, but painting them puts me into my garden of thoughts and ideas.
 The projects pictured are painted with acrylics.  I am enjoying the mixed media line by Deco Art.  The fluid acrylics are my favorite.  I have always loved watercolors and using these with water, give me a similar affect and can be applied to many different surfaces.
     Here is a sneak peak of my upcoming class using acrylics on watercolor paper and wood.


Open up a window, listen to the joyful sound of the birds and enjoy the birth of a new season.

Happy Spring!!

See you soon.



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