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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Catching up after a vacation is always somewhat overwhelming.  


Loved walking down this walkway to the beach each day.  Anticipating what was on the other end. 

This is the second year we headed to Pensacola Beach, Florida to get away from the snow and the cold.  Last year we went in January, right after Christmas.  Because it was a little on the cool side, we decided to wait until the middle of February before we headed out this year.  

Well, guess what!  It wasn't and almost seemed cooler.  

We didn't let it stop us though.  Loved the morning walks on the beach finding wonderful treasures along the way.  Feathers, shells,starfish (above photo), stones, lucky pennies,textures, sand castles and footprints in the sand.

We did have a few warm and sunny days and enjoyed every minute.
Stopping for a cold drink on the Bay side on our way home from shopping the local shops.
The local restaurants were so fun and unique.  Ate my share of fish for the week.  My favorite was the fried grouper sandwich and fried green tomatoes. 
The drive home was a bit unnerving.  We ran into a snow storm the last 100 miles and saw cars sliding off the road and a couple of accidents. 
We are home again, shoveling snow.  We shoveled before we left and again after we came home. 
Another snow storm is headed into our area tomorrow.  What?  Take me back to Florida, it may be cooler than normal, but the view is worth the price of admission.
Now faced with the reality of laundry, organizing and catching up with work.  It is more fun to pack, plan and travel to your destination. 
Feeling a little overwhelmed and let down.  But, the memories, photos and all will carry me through to next year.

Spring is just around the corner!  Isn't it??


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