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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Love What is...

 As I was cleaning out my closet today, I thought of this painting I just completed.  I wanted more storage, more organization, less clutter and a closet that looked like the ones I have seen in magazines.  It is never going to look like that and I have to accept and learn to love what is.  

I would love to have storage shelves instead of just one long shelf above my clothes.  Shelves to put my shoes in, so they stay together and are free of dust.  Oh, and a chandelier would be nice hanging down from the center.  I can keep dreaming, but the reality is I have to make the best with what I have.  Get creative and find fun and interesting ways to store my items.  

I won't have this closet (sigh), not in this house anyway.  So, I took some storage baskets, hooks , a vintage mirror, some art work and a small chair and a plant stand (for a jewelry tray) to tuck into the corner.   It's not perfect, but it is clean, organized and items are easily seen.  Made two piles of clothes that I don't wear any longer.  One to take to a cute local resale shop and the other to throw out or donate.  I wonder why I hang on to things as long as I do. By making these changes, I can accept what I have and realize that it is enough. 

Now onto the bedroom!  A little easier than the closet, as I do like the room and the layout.  But, a little organization is in order.

See you soon!

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