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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Listen to Your Heart

...and nothing can keep you from reaching your goals.
This is a painting I just did while playing around with watercolor paper and DecoArt media paints.  It's funny how a painting evolves at times. Sometimes a totally different direction than planned and takes on a life of it's own. I didn't have a plan, but I knew I wanted to add the flowers somewhere in the painting.  As I began, I decided to add a few collage papers to her dress and to the center of the flower................
Half way through the painting, I was ready to scrap it and start over.  But, I kept going and I started having fun with it.  So, I listened, kept working and finished the painting.  Layers and layers of paint were added to achieve the finished design.
It may not be perfect, or it may not appeal to everyone, but I am happy with the finished product and happy that I did not give up and kept at it.

For the past year, I have wanted to get back into teaching art and tried a few different options.  There just aren't the small specialty shops any more.  Painting and wine parties are popular and Michael's and Hobby Lobby have classes.  I tried both, but options on what to teach and reaching students, were limited at the larger stores.

I found a wonderful network that invited me to be one of their instructors. accepted my work and have been so gracious in helping me get my first class off the ground.
I can't say there weren't any challenges.  For someone that is a little computer illiterate, this was not always an easy task. As I viewed other on line classes, it always looked effortless to me.  Painting the project was a piece of cake compared to everything else it entails.
But, I am proud to say; "I did it" and learned so much in the process.

"Let's Play Dress Up"  went live on Monday, February 9 and I actually have students that signed up!  You can still sign up, class and videos are available for a year.

Today I will be working on the next class, "Floral Expressions".

Listen to your heart and you never know where it may lead you. 



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