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Friday, November 21, 2014

November..A time to pause and give thanks

So many blessings to be thankful for and so many opportunities to share those blessing with those we love.
We had the opportunity to eat dinner prepared by a Mennonite family last week.  Thirty two people from our church, drove 35 miles in a car caravan to eat and share some time together and in a home of a dear Mennonite woman and her staff of two.  The meal consisted of roast beef, mashed potatoes, two salads, home made bread, green beans, noodles and three different pies.  I chose the coconut cream pie and tasted my husband's peanut butter pie. Both to die for! We ate in their modest home where they host these meals on a weekly basis.  All severed family style. The home was decorated country style and had most of the modern conveniences we have grown accustomed to.   A nice experience and would recommend making reservations if you are ever in the Seymour, Missouri area.  
I also have had the pleasure of working in my studio and want to share a couple of projects with you.  I am very thankful when I have time to paint, draw and create.  It's what keeps me sane!
Here is my latest woodland girl, "Lost girl"  Painted with acrylics on a birch wood board.  The leaf detail was added by a stamp I made.  I loved painting the feathers and her fur scarf.  This inspiration came to me from a local magazine of girls modeling their clothes out in the woods.  Fitting for this time of year.  She is for sale if anyone is interested.

My next project is a large wooden snow flake ornament.  I thought it made a great blank canvas and decided to do an image transfer of a deer on it.
I lightly sanded the piece and then added gesso to the center, adding text from an old reader.

I found this deer image on pinterest.  Gathered my scissors, cut around the image, as closely as possible.
Brushed Deco Art Matte Medium onto the text and lay the image down facing the text.  Brush more Matte Medium to the top and allow to thoroughly dry.
Wet the area with both water and Matte Medium and begin to gently scrub with a dry paper towel or brush  until the image is complete.  The brush works best for me.
Using a stabilo pencil and charcoal, define your lost edges, details and add greenery.  I also added a few red berries with white highlights.

Antique the edges with Deco art brown.  Splatter snowflake edges with white.  A fun and easy project to make with the family or as a gift.

Enjoy this beautiful time of thanks as you share time with family and friends.

                               Have a blessed Thanksgivng!! 



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