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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer days that seem to last forever......
            Those were the days.

Laying in the lush green grass and looking up at the sky. Visualizing clouds that looked like animals, people, monsters

and other objects.  

Riding bikes without a helmet.  Adding baseball or playing cards to the spokes with clothes pins.  Listening to the motor sounds that it made while you rode through the neighborhood with your friends.

Making forts, playing ball in the street, catching fire flies in a jar, climbing trees, hopscotch on the sidewalk.  

Using rocks to etch  the squares and numbers onto the sidewalk.

Metal roller skates were attached to your shoes.  You wore the key on a string around your neck and skated on the side walk.

Having backyard picnics.  
Taking summer drives in the country.
Running through the sprinkler.
Staying in the lake or pool until your lips turned purple.
Splashing in the puddles after a summer's rain.
Catching tadpoles in the local pond.
Walking to the nearby candy store with a nickle in your pocket.
Stayed outside until the street lights came on.

Life seemed so much less complicated then.  I only wish we can get just a little of that time back. 

These are the summer days I remember growing up in Ohio.

Warm, happy and days that seemed to last forever!

Hope you enjoyed going back in time with me....Lay back and look at the sky to see what art the angels have made with the clouds today.

Until next time,
Happy summer memories!



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