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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Watercolor painting step by step

                          Watercolor painting step by step

This is a quick tutorial, using Golden watercolors and Grumbacher opaque watercolors.  Angels have been my theme of late and this one was inspired by a photograph I saw in a magazine. 

A pencil sketch and light washes were added to darkest areas.  Background was wet on wet, a little salt and some splattters for interest.

I added gesso to the wings and white areas of the dress.  Then began layering washes.  Always leaving a little white showing.

When first two layers were dry, I went back and added more color washes.  Adding tints of other colors into previous areas to add depth.

Line work was then added to define the hair, features, flowers and wings.  Using a dark brown fine liner and a white fine liner, both water proof.   White dots were also added around collar, flowers and wings.

Hope you enjoyed the step by step process.  I hope to do more of these in the future.  Presently working on flowers from my garden.
                                                                    Happy Painting!

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