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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Practice Makes Perfect

                 Spending time to learn something new, or perfect something you already know .
                                                  Never too old to learn something new.
                                    A new way of doing something that you never thought of.
                                                 Finding the time to just play and explore.

I have spent the last month and a half doing just that.  Playing with new ideas, pulling out supplies that were tucked away, visiting the local art shop and taking a few on line classes.  The above photo is a result of a new tube of Daniel Smith,  Cobalt Teal Blue and intense pencils.  It has been quite a while since I used the pencils and I found them to be so fun to work with.  I then added watercolors to the design as well.  I used a piece of canvas and applied Americana Canvas Gel Medium to the surface before I began to draw.  Something else that has been tucked away in the corner of my studio.

Another inktense just completed. Think I am addicted.

Playing with values and faces.  Refining and looking at them differently.  New ideas on how to begin and listening to what others have to say.  Charcoal, gesso and stabilo pencil were used on this one.

New ideas, new ways of doing things.  Sometimes they didn't work.  So, I would try again.  Other times, they looked as though it wasn't working, but then kept at it.  Some went into the trash, I won't lie.  But even at that, it was a learning experience.
What better way to spend the winter months.
Learn, explore, pull out those long lost supplies and grow!

Have fun trying!

Until next time,
Ursula xo

1 comment:

  1. Hmmm - you always inspire me so Ursula. Might have to get out my Inktense and play now!!!

    The floral creation reminds me of a GORGEOUS Wedding Bouquet. Stunning.

    And your portraits are always AMAZING. And these are no exception!

    How fun that you played with new ideas and supplies. It's so fun to 'grow' and learn with our art. Love the surprise of discovery! Xj.