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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Let Your Imagination Soar....

                                 and allow yourself to play!

I have been listening to Kelly Hoering's Periscope segment each night.  She will broadcast again tonight and through the rest of the month.   We need to hear things over and over again.  Each time we hear them, they resonate with us in a different way.  Or sometimes don't even hear the message the first time.

Her advice last night was to take time to play with things in your studio.  Things that have been sitting on a shelf for some time.  I get so use to grabbing the same supplies each time and forget what I actually own.

So, after stressing and painting for a new class project over the weekend, I had time to explore and play.  What fun it was.!  I used some texture tools I received from DecoArt.  Applying them to this mini oil canvas.

                                          Loved dragging it through the paint and the effect it gave.

I got out my crackle medium and added it to the background of another canvas that I had already started and scraped off.
It was so fun creating and moving away from the usual.  Playing with what I had on my shelf.

The first painting was one that I started a while ago.  I did not like the direction it was going, so I put it aside.  Another tip, finish something that you have started!

  So, I began to play with the shapes I had first put onto the swan painting.  Added more color, collage and began to enjoy and like what was happening on the page.  This is a 12 x 12 sheet of 140lb cold pressed watercolor paper.  

I began to feel the freedom of the running paint and actually enjoyed what was happening on the page.

I added the words, "Let Your Imagination Soar"

Have some fun today.  We don't always have to create a masterpiece, but you never know what will happen when you just take the time to PLAY!!

See you soon.