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Friday, August 7, 2015

New Beginnings

I am ready for this next chapter of my art journey to unfold.  As I have said once before, I was away from art for a while and only did an occasional art project. I did not know how much I really missed spending time in my studio.
Two years ago, I bought my first art journal and I remember telling my husband that I was going to paint something on a daily basis.  Sometimes it was just a doodle and other times it was a little more. All the while learning as much about mixed media art as I could find in books and on the internet.
Here is a collection of some of the journals I have collected.  Notebooks, old books, and hard back art journals are among a few of the journals I have made.  Using them for inspiration, thoughts, and learning new techniques.  A little peek at my take of a Joan Brown painting.  The floral was created for an on line class I had.  The nice part of a journal is that no one else needs to see what was created within it's pages.  As I look back at my first, I see the progress and what I have learned along the way.
Some are small enough to tuck into your purse, or take along when you travel.  Here is a little travel kit I have made.  Sometimes adding a few more supplies, depending on where I am going and for how long.  Koi watercolors, an idea notebook, charcoal, pencils, marker and water brush.

I prepared my background with both white and black gesso (DecoArt media), art papers (Americana Decou Page Paper), pencil markings, a quote and washi tape.  Lightly gessoed over the prepared background, and it was ready to take along with me.  I sketched her out with charcoal and adding values.  Watercolors layered on top.  Added the words, "New Beginnings to her shoulder.  Flowers, doodles are on the other page.   The quote reads; "We have to dare to be ourselves however frightening or strange that self may prove to be." May Sarton

Look back at your older drawings, musings and journals.  A fun way to see where your life and art journey are headed....Wishing you new beginnings,  and happy journaling!

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