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Friday, July 31, 2015

Exciting news and portrait study....

As I was packing and getting ready to go to Kate and Kelly's workshop, I received two emails from the DecoArt Company.  They asked me to be part of their Decoart mixed media program and also part of their Blogger outreach program.  I really didn't have time to process the news until I got home.

Since then, I have completed my first project and it will be on the Deco Art mixed media blog the middle of August.  I have used their paints for many years and absolutely love the mixed media fluid acrylics and mediums.  I am very honored to be part of these two programs!

This project was inspired by an art play date I had with my good friend.  We each took a photo from a magazine as our inspiration.  This portrait  is on 140lb watercolor paper, using , ephemera, DecoArt fluid acrylics and alcohol inks.  Using what we learned at the portrait workshop and adapting them to our own styles.
            The background is washed color, ephemera, pencil markings and alcohol inks. 
                                             Blocking in features with gold brown tones. 
"Let no one tell you what you are to do or how you are to do it".  Love that!  A happy accident applying the saying and didn't discover it until well into the painting.  So had to circle it!
I used DecoArt fluid acrylics and Americana Extender Medium. to create my layers.  Lightly applied to each area as I layered color.  Drying in between layers.
                                   Just couldn't resist adding Malcolm Liepke lips to her!
She is finished for now.  But, you never know, I may come back to her later .....

Thanks for stopping by and hope you get a chance to check out DecoArt and see what they are all about.  Look for "Nostalgia" watercolor tutorial the second week in August!
Ursula xo


  1. Ursula...these are so pretty. I will definitely be watching for the tutorial in August.

  2. Just beautiful Ursula and congrats to you!!

  3. Ursula I am in awe... so beautiful and congratulations whoop whoop ♡♡♡